Checks and Balances, Useful Idiots, and Defying Hitler|The Rocco De Leo Show


This Week President Trump drove the left bonkers with what the left is calling a muslim ban. He has, in fact, been quite busy with Executive Orders.  This is not necessarily a good thing.

As a guy who fervently believes in small government, a powerful executive, especially one that seems to be growing in power is something I fear. As conservatives, we sat back for the 8 last years and watched the country get pushed further and further to the left. Many, myself included saw Obama-Care as a giant step toward socialism. This anger and resentment built up.  I believe we are seeing a catharsis with this “victorious” support for all things “Trump”.  To be fair, I like a lot of what he is doing.  I like that he is getting to work and wasting no time doing exactly what he said he would do.

The left has gone totally bonkers, and that is to be expected.  Conservatives protested they way we protest when Obama was president. Facebook memes and complaining to co-workers is the protest from the Right. The left knows how to protest.  It may be the best thing they do. Anyhow, that they are going crazy is no surprise or even of concern.  The concern or watch out comes from the right.

I think by now, we all realize President Trump is not a conservative. That doesn’t mean he can’t be a good president. Just because he is a republican should not give him a free pass to grow the power of the executive branch and act like a dictator. I’m not saying he is there yet, but too many on “our” side are hooting and hollering in support without taking a second look at the his “means”.  Friends, whether our guy is in power or not, we would do well with an executive with less power. America was founded on separation of powers with what we call checks and balances. Today, we see President Trump, as we saw President Obama, move quickly with the pen to write executive orders. Maybe he’s totally justified in doing this today…maybe he’s not. My concern is not enough people are questioning the growing power of the executive. It’s hard to say this when “my guy” is the running the show, but it’s true.

These ideas coincide quite interestingly with a recent read of mine.  Defying Hitler takes us into the days leading up to and through Hitler taking over the minds of the German People. Before he took over most of Europe, he had to take over a relatively free country of Germany. These were not peasant people, tribes, or slaves.  The German people were much more like us than many understand. This is certainly not a jab or in someway saying America today is like Nazi Germany.  Quite in fact the opposite. The pre- Nazi people of Germany were much like we are today. We are just as capable of voting away our liberties as the Germans were in 1933.

Listen friends, I expected a coronation of Queen Hillary rather than an inauguration of President Trump.  I was surprised and ecstatic when Donald Trump was declared the victor in November. In our victorious haste we mustn’t seek vindication or revenge on the left for the last 8 years.  We must not seek governmental change at all cost and by all means just to put an exclamation mark on the victory.  What kind of victory is that anyhow? The “Idiots” on the left aren’t going to be “useful” until they get their guy in power again. The only “idiots” of any use are those on the right- the party of power today. Don’t be that guy. Celebrate liberty and the constitution.  When President Trump does something that protects liberty and freedom, cheer him on.  When he does something or creates additional powers (I’m a little afraid of Executive Orders if you haven’t figured that out just yet), question him and question the tool of the trade. If he thumbs his nose at the constitution to do something you love, remember that a Democrat will occupy the White House again someday and have those same powers to thumb his nose at the Constitution and force his agenda on all of us. Celebrate the constitution, not the man.