Game Changers and Being The Light| The Real Dad Show Episode 78



1:john 1:9

If we confess our sin, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness

Why do I doubt?  I hide in shame that I am not perfect. Time and time again I feel the race is lost and wish to throw up my hands in defeat.  It is tiring and tough. But I must read deeper into the text.  Understand that God wants to forgive us.  The next chapter in 1 John reminds us that we have an advocate in Jesus.  Confessing our sins is not just a “therapeutic” thing, it’s “transformative”! We are transformed from a sinner buried under our sinful burden into a beacon of hope.  I have been saved and my place in Heaven is guaranteed.  Others around me may not be saved. They are watching me, when I don’t allow the light to shine through me.  “Look at him, he’s so miserable”, they say.  When I confess my sins in my private devotions, I allow the light to shine once again.  “See that joyful person, he’s a lot like me, but there’s something different he has that I want”, they say.

Sometimes I’m on fire for God and I’m helping others, sometimes I’m in a rut and someone else on fire lights the way for me.  That’s just how it works. There are some practical things we can all do to “shine” the light of Christ for others to see.  I listed out a few, but the list gets much larger when different people with different interests, skills, and environments start thinking about their own ways to shine.

I also discussed how Meditation, Naps (yes naps), and Journaling have been game changers for me in this busy season of life.