Behind every good Dad is a good Dad

You’ve heard it before that behind every good man is a good woman, and for me that is certainly true.  My wife is amazing and makes me about a million times better than I would be without her.  This post,  however is about Dads and what our sons need from us to become good dads in the future. Behind every (or most) good Dads is two-fold, a good woman and a good dad.   I have a step son whom I share responsibility for and a son for whom I am “It” and will instill all the good (or bad) traits of being a dad. The pressure is on for me to be the role model to my boys that every little boy needs as he goes through his early phase training into man-hood.  The list of things they need to learn would fill several volumes, and will be a huge part of this blog every week.  Every morning I wake up and look at my boys and am reminded of what makes a Dad a Dad.  The things like paying the bills, mowing the lawn, and cooking dinner are important, but  loving my wife, being present, and teaching them values are even more important ( and more difficult). Some days I’m not perfect at doing those things, and some days I’m worse.  That’s ok because I keep showing up and become a better Dad everyday.  This job is a pressure-cooker.  The clock is ticking as the boys (and the girls) are getting older every day and the time I have to teach them how to be a good dad are ticking away.  Soon enough the baton will once again be passed and I will get on the job training on how to be a grandpa.  Hoping for good results with my boys is not enough.  I realize everyday that intentional parenting from the heart its the only way to give my boys a little of the Dad wisdom that was handed down to me.  It is purely by my luck of birth that I was given a great teacher in my Dad.  He exemplified (and still does) what a good Dad should do.  His job with me has shifted as he is now teaching me how to be a good grandpa, a role I have some time to ease into myself, but that’s for another post.  My dad taught me many things about being a good dad.  He has loved my mom purely and publicly for almost five decades.  He taught me the value of education, hard work, and most importantly the role of family and togetherness.  I always knew I was loved and was important. The values that I drive forward in my home, with my wife and children come directly from what he taught me.   What better way for me to launch this new site with a celebration of our Fathers on Father’s Day.  Father’s Day is a time to celebrate our Dads.  It’s also a time us Dad’s can take a look in the mirror and and our boys and check in on the job we are doing.  Are we doing the things for our boys that will make them good dads?  Do we know what these things are?  Stick around, I will be building on this theme in future posts. Today is a new day, and for 99% of us, tomorow will be another day to get that much better.  Happy Father’s Day.