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It’s not breaking news to suggest that the rhetoric in America today is filled with political tension. I’ve written about it before.  The political memes on Facebook daily berate this guy or that guy.  Protestors burned buildings and assaulted people because of a political speech at Berkley they disagreed with. We are reaching a point where discussion is discouraged because both sides believe they are dealing with the devil and discussing issues is pointless. I spoke with a friend about this issue, trying to get some understanding or perspective as to why the second I say Black Lives Matter as a conservative, I get pummeled as a racist before I even get a chance to make my point. Why, as a conservative, it is assumed I want all refugees to drown and all gays to die.  If you’ve read this far, you know that stuff is not true about me or most (99.9999%) of all conservatives. My friend made a great point about the absolute madness about this country.  The people protesting, mostly those on the left are not just protecting entitlements or gifts from the government, they are not just protecting “stuff.”They, in their minds at least, are defending their rights. People get upset when they lose entitlements, they go to war when you step on their rights.

What does this mean to us on the right? We have a few options. First, is to fight to win. While my show is still young, I have already made a few of those “fight to win” posts. I’ve challenged the left with truth.  I have videos of white liberals “protecting” blacks from voter id laws for various reasons.  Most of the reasons are summed up to the white Berkley liberals assuming blacks are too stupid to get an id. Blacks interviewed in the same post are shocked at the reasons.  Did anyone comment thanking me for shedding light on this issue?  Ha ha, of course not. I was deemed a racist. Does this reaction mean we should stop sharing the truth? No.

Writing on challenging social issues is teaching me more about human nature than my 17 years working in sales. Fear is a powerful emotion. Fear of losing one’s rights has the unfathomable power of a nuclear bomb. To be sure, I do not believe that these people [the vast majority of those protesting and liberals as a group]  are having their rights taken away. I do, however, want to understand them as more than just a bunch of cry babies.  The majority of the weapons being used are social media memes and posts. Friends are working hard to make other friends look stupid. We all do it, from both sides of the fence. We aren’t intending on making others look stupid, we believe with all our heart, mind and souls that we are right. We are fighting not just to win the war of ideas, but to “save the souls” of our friends on Facebook. Well, my friends, this is stupid.

This brings me to the second option. This involves a level of maturity lacking in America today.  One that takes every ounce of my being to exude for even a short period of time.  This option is “seeking first to understand before being understood”.  I’m not going to go too deep into this concept in this post as book after book has been written.  I believe there are some apocryphal writings that Francis of Assisi wrote a prayer begging God to give him this ability. Don’t worry if you don’t master it.

What does this all mean? Can I, as a white, conservative, Pro-life, friends with actual real life policemen, evangelical Christian reach out to supporters of Abortion? Can I reach out to Muslims, illegal aliens, black people? Gay people? When people see me online, they see a right wing conspiracy to steal their rights.  It DOES NOT matter if they are right or wrong.  Please understand this.  Telling people they can’t get angry because they are WRONG isn’t going to help anyone.  When we approach these people in this manner (using the “winning” option) it throws gasoline on the fire. While I think it is important to expose the wrongs in society, and the hypocrisy, it can’t be the only way.

Can we, as a conservatives, talk with people who disagree with us without giving up our own principles?  If we have a firm grasp on what we believe in, I believe that is definitely true. Can we listen to people we clearly see has so ridiculously wrong in their thinking as to be laughable, without laughing? 

Listen friends, I realize that a lot of this post is pie in the sky.  It came from a few sincere conversations of me trying understand people. I am struggling as to where to point my message. Those of you reading this in who are creative content creators know that finding your voice or focusing your message takes some time. I am finding that my message is much more suited to speaking to conservatives rather than bashing liberals over the head (metaphorically). I don’t want to argue, I want to teach. I think, however, if I just keep making conservatives more angry by showing them the absurdity of the left, I am not doing any good. Other people are way better at that than I. If it were as simple as saying “hey libs, can we talk?”, it would be done already.

Understanding when to listen and when to talk goes a long way.  It reaches out well beyond the political rhetoric. I am not under any delusions that any large percentage of liberals (or anyone who disagrees with me) reading this posts will be open to conversation. Most won’t get past the title or the opening paragraph. Many will just “filibuster” me with more memes, facts, threats and whatever else they can throw at me. Any of us from the “right” who hope to make a difference must continue to study our craft.  That is, understand the constitution, stay consistent, and stop engaging in a win-lose battle of the “wits” on Facebook. When we continue to make our friends look stupid, there won’t be any friends left to talk with. Remember, many of the “libs” driving us crazy right now are our friends. They were your cousin, former co-worker, uncle, God-father, brother, father, sister or whatever before they became a militant communist operative working undercover for the marxist regime of the Clinton campaign.

A lot of understanding will go a very little way. That’s how we start. Click To Tweet
  1. Know your stuff (constitution, the issues, the articles you share)
  2. Stop trying to win all the time
  3. seek to understand.