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I’m glad you’re here. I am Rocco De Leo, the brains (or is it the muscle?) behind this operation. I have a great  job, a great family, and a growing relationship with Jesus. While I’m not looking to be the next internet sensation, I want to connect with other people. We all have a story to tell, this is mine and I think it just might be something you want to hear.  If you are looking for real inspiration, tools, and community from a real dad, this is the place for you. Curious? Read on…

What is this All About


Over the past few years, I realized that life is amazing, special, and ridiculously busy.  I also discovered that I had no relationship with Jesus even though I was attending church on a regular basis. Through the craziness, I  learned the value of “busy-ness” on purpose.  Until I started this website, all of my epiphanies were just dinner table rants and slight torture for my children.  Now, I get to have a platform to share ideas, research, and just cool stuff that I think other parents can use.

What you will Read and Hear

A regular guy sharing his growth in…

  1. learning how to connect biblical principles to everyday life
  2. sharing those principles with his children in a way that will resonate and make sense…but not always…
  3. evangelizing his faith through channels that make sense (and sharing a few how-tos for those interested) such as podcasting, speaking, writing, etc. 

No one wants to send their last kid off to college and wonder why  life was stuck on pause.  This is a place to connect and share valuable insights on the Dad life. Some of this stuff is light, fun, and goofy.  Some of it is real and painful.  Sounds like life right?  What’s next? Read on…

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As a gift to all my readers, I am giving away this amazing tool.  I’d like to take credit for writing an Epic, life changing manual, but that would take away from the fact that Finding Replenishment is a simple workbook that anyone can start TODAY and begin the journey of a “purposeful everyday”.  By simply working through these few pages, you will understand what activities make you happy and bring you closer to your purpose. Click the subscribe tab below for your free download.

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One of my favorite pastimes is talking.  Yet another torture for my family and friends. I love to learn through old fashioned reading, audio books, and podcasts.  The only problem is that if I don’t share what I’ve learned with someone, I am prone to spontaneous combustion.  Through my Podcast which is called The Real Dad Show, I share many of the lessons people much smarter than me have taught. I also share my own DAD experiences; the good, the bad, the ugly, and the over the top hilarious family fun.  My podcast is my opportunity to get personal with you, my audience and share my passions in the way I feel best suited.

Each Episode is 20-40 minutes and is totally free.  Most episodes include a main issue or topic and a call to action.  I keep it loose but really hope to add at least one piece of value in exchange for your time. I hope you will absolutely love what you hear. You can listen to each episode on the web on this website by click on the podcast button at the top of the page or using the options below.




You can also listen to it and stay updated with new episode via ITUNES or Stitcher Radio.

If you like what you hear, please write a review.  This helps others find it and makes me feel pretty darn good for a day or so. Follow this easy 4 step process to subscribe and leave a review in Itunes.

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If you are one of those people that are “what the heck is a podcast?” and would rather read at your own pace, then my blog is the place for you.  Like my Podcast, the blog page is my opportunity to share my life and the lessons and challenges my family and I confront. I write from the heart about issues ranging from my relationship to God, paying for sex, and my crazy system for grocery shopping.


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