Surviving a Post Truth World | The Rocco De Leo Show


People are so entrenched in their team, beliefs and/or paradigm, that anyone who dares to question their truth is like a wolf at the door. I have seen some angry and disproportionate anger directly pointed at my show for daring to question issues such as Black Lives Matter, Christian Morality, and my conservative economic ideals.  I have, in essence knocked on the door as a wolf to other’s entrenched beliefs.  I felt what these people felt when my own beliefs were challenged;  as if anyone challenging me immediately and absolutely makes me wrong.  This week, I attempt to unpack the reasons why I and millions of other Americans are so threatened by being challenged.

Truth is truth, my friends. The messenger of truth or lies doesn’t change the “truth status” of the message.

The answer is not to stop questioning things. No! The answer is absolutely question everything.

Are we courageous enough to challenge our own paradigms?  Do we even have paradigms?

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